Why Are Mobile Apps So Popular?

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Mobile AppMany modern businesses have discovered the advantages of Apps when it comes to customer service. An App allows more direct communication with customers, and keeps them informed about aspects of their products and services. Research suggests that 55% of users consider Apps to be more convenient, 48% say they are faster and 40% find them easier for browsing. Users have higher expectations of Apps compared to websites, expecting them to load more quickly. A third thought they would have the same load time and 23% said mobile websites would probably load faster than an App.

Apps, in a way, have to be a little more slick than websites as users are more demanding of them, and will not persist if loading is slow or problematic. Software designers these days have to stay one step ahead of the game, as most consumers are much more tech savvy. Other App related research carried out in the US discovered that one third of the country’s most popular retailers do not have mobile phone Apps. Furthermore, the ones that do receive frequent complaints about lack of features and other issues.

This demonstrates the fact that all Apps are not created equally, some being more functional than others. Specialists such as Turn Key Air Conditioning, are a customer focussed business and as such have added an App to their customer options. This is an invaluable way to assist customers and manage their HVAC needs.

Turn Key use an extremely reliable customer interface App, which allows them and their customers to stay up to date. Every aspect of the customer’s service account is monitored, enabling reports, updates and notifications where needed. It is possible to track the location of engineers and likely completion times, plus a host of additional advantages like advising when gas inspections etc are due. The interface operates in real time and all customer data is securely protected. For more information contact Dan Weaver on 01709 880 861 Ext 2104.


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