Electric, Gas & Oil Fired Water Heaters & Showers


Direct-heated water heaters come in several varieties and are often both space-saving and convenient. There are several types:

Instantaneous ‘Multi-Point’ Gas Water Heaters

Direct Heated Water HeatersMulti-point gas water heaters take water directly from the cold water supply main and heat it before feeding into the hot taps around the house. They are excellent for small to medium properties or small commercial kitchens, as they never run out of hot water, however, the water flow rate is limited, so they are not ideal in a house where hot water is required in two places at the same time.

Self-Contained Storage Water Heaters (Gas or Oil Heated)

Self-contained storage water heaters act rather like a conventional cylinder with a gas or oil burner built-in. They can take water directly from the cold water main, or from a storage tank and are usually suited to larger homes and commercial premises.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters can be supplied as instantaneous types (3kW rating for simple hand washing or 7kW for more flexible duties) or storage types (varying in power rating, storage capacity and operating principle) to supply anything from a sink to a whole house.


ShowersA huge range of showers is available today. It is very important to choose a shower that suits both your personal needs and the type of hot water system in your home – see explanation on our F.A.Q. page. Generally speaking, fitting a good quality thermostatically controlled shower will pay dividends by giving many years of superior performance. We recommend manufacturers who have good spare parts availability for past and present models and who offer a good guarantee with the shower (usually 3 to 5 years).

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