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Hot Water Storage CylindersStored hot water is still the most effective water heating system for larger homes and commercial premises, such as pubs and hotels, where high flow rates are needed. Modern well-insulated hot water storage cylinders ensure that virtually no heat is wasted and high power ‘fast-recovery’ heating coils replenish the supply of hot water very quickly after use. There are various types:

Vented (Tank-Fed) Water Storage Cylinders

Vented (tank fed) cylinders are supplied from a tank (typically sited in the roof space above the cylinder), which replenishes the water as it is drawn off through the hot taps and takes up the expansion of the water as it is heated up. Vented cylinders are good if you have traditional plumbing systems, power showers or if your incoming water supply flow / pressure is poor.

Un-Vented (Mains Pressure) Water Storage Cylinders

Un-vented (mains pressure) cylinders are fed directly from the incoming cold water main supply. No cold feed tank is needed, but an expansion vessel is usually required to absorb the expansion as water heats up. Most modern un-vented water storage cylinders are made of high-grade stainless steel and carry a 25 year guarantee, they have excellent insulation and can deliver high water flow rates, ideal for houses with several bath / shower rooms. The high pressure delivered from un-vented cylinders is ideal for supplying showers, giving a performance equivalent to a ‘Power Shower’, but without needing a separate pump. As the un-vented cylinder is filled directly from the mains water supply, they are only suitable for properties where the incoming water supply has good flow & pressure.

Twin-Coil Cylinders

Twin-Coil Cylinders Twin-coil cylinders are designed to be heated from two different sources, such as Solar Panels and a Boiler and can be supplied as either vented or un-vented types.

Thermal Stores

Thermal stores work on a different principal to normal hot water cylinders and are popular with new properties (especially flats). They act as a distribution centre for hot water and central heating and are often heated by off-peak electricity or by a compact gas boiler.

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