A Viable Alternative to Gas Central Heating

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Homes with gas central heating installed are incredibly common, with many home-owners investing in a new boiler and gas central heating, or receiving grants towards the total cost. The majority of central heating systems are gas powered, although not an option for around 4 million UK households who are not connected to the national grid. This means that alternative sources of energy need to be sought which work well and are cost effective. Oil fired central heating systems are a popular solution, providing hot water to heat radiators and ensuring warm water is readily available via bathroom and kitchen taps. Most oil fired boilers store hot water ready for use, and ‘A’ rated models boast seasonal operating efficiencies of up to 97%.

Also, the price of home heating oil has been falling steadily since 2014, resulting in an affordable, and highly effective home heating solution. Its energy efficiency means a substantial return for every unit of energy used, and modern condensing boilers of this type are relatively easy to install when replacing standard boilers.

The price of home heating oil is however subject to fluctuation, like in 2010 when the price shot up sharply. At times when the price is low, people are urged to stock up in order to ensure you don’t run out, and to take advantage of the pocket friendly price. This is of course particularly important during the colder months, when your system is working hard. Customers can choose to have storage tank systems which monitor the amount of oil left in the tank, and alert the customer where the supply is running low or falls below a certain level. There is a choice of home heating oil, with various prices and grades of quality, the more superior type giving the best performance and value for money.

Although home heating oil is used extensively in areas of the country off the national grid, many people who do have access to a gas supply still opt for this energy source. This type of oil powered system is generally reliable and safe, as potential issues are quick to identify and rectify.

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