The Benefits of Stainless Steel in Food Processing

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Stainless SteelFood and beverage production is an area in which the utmost care and attention to detail is essential. When products meant for consumption are being processed, stored and transported, there are strict guidelines that must be followed. This is to ensure that the products are safe and do not cause illness or discomfort. It’s also a factor in how long they stay fresh and edible. An increasing amount of plants insist on using steel products due to the advantages of this material.

Impervious to Extreme temperatures

Items such as stainless steel sanitary clamps, valves and sanitary strainers are widely used within food processing, for good reason. These types of fitting are precision built, allowing dust free environments when the transference of powdered products is required. Stainless steel has a resistance to extreme temperatures too, meaning it may be used in very hot or cold conditions. This versatility makes it an ideal material for all kinds of uses, particularly food and beverage production. Stainless steel can withstand excessively hot temperatures during production and is not affected by very low cold storage temperatures.

Long Life

Stainless steel are incredibly durable compared to many other materials, and can last over 100 years! This also means that pipes, valves and other fittings will not need frequent replacing.

Easily Cleaned

A clean and hygienic environment is essential within food production, which is another reason for using stainless steel. This metal is one of the simplest to clean, preventing bacteria from multiplying and contaminating the area.


Salford Engineering are well aware of the impressive properties of stainless steel, and the wide range of applications for which it is suitable. They work throughout the UK and Europe, bringing their installation skills to many clients within the food production and processing field.



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