Sustainable Innovations in Road Surfacing

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road surfaceTarmac has been the go to road surfacing material in the UK since 1902, and the company is now getting involved in efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Tarmac have always been at the forefront of developments in building and surfacing roads. Along with many other reputable companies within the UK, they are committed to helping to achieve net zero targets. An online guide to sustainable road building has been created by this leading company. The target audience are specialists such as highways engineers, with solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

The guide includes information and advice about things like low carbon, alternative materials, how to reduce waste and increase recycling. Tarmac have produced their own sustainable innovation in the form of Rubber Modified Asphalt. This ‘green’ road surfacing material uses the rubber from up to 500 old, used car tyres for every kilometre of road. The guide showcases inspiring schemes and case studies on building more sustainable roads.

National Technical Director at Tarmac, Brian Kent explained why the timing is so significant, “The importance of sustainability throughout our industry continues to grow almost on a daily basis. The Technical and Sustainability teams are being inundated with customer and client requests for, what innovations are now available to reduce the carbon footprint of materials. Also the data to validate and demonstrate the savings on their network.

The introduction of the new Guide to Sustainable Road Building is an important step forward to help our customers and to provide supportive information. This will allow them to make more informed decisions with regard to materials selection and to promote our sustainable product range.”

Whatever materials are used for road surfacing, it is likely that high quality rollers will still be required. Rhinos Plant Hire have a range of rollers for all types of commercial, private or local authority work in places like Harlow.



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