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Air Conditioning – Design, Installation & Maintenance

Over the last ten years, air conditioning has become a pleasant aspect of many areas of life. Air conditioning and temperature control in cars is now taken for granted. In shopping malls, cinemas, theatres and restaurants air conditioning is now more likely to be noticed by its absence. Air conditioning and climate control is a regular feature of offices, public buildings, airports and hotels.

Turn Key Air Condition are national specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. With clients in the commercial, corporate and public sectors, Turn Key AC service and maintain thousands of air conditioning systems throughout the UK.

Customised Air Conditioning

Turn Key Air Conditioning engineers work with architects, surveyors, consultants and building contractors to create the ideal environment at the minimum costs and with the maximum energy efficiency.

It is usually more cost effective to incorporate air conditioning and heating systems during the initial construction stages of new buildings or as part of major refurbishment projects. TKAC provide 100% tax efficient lease finance options to fund the installation and maintenance of air conditioning, protecting cash flow and allowing new and existing businesses to realise their plans.

Turn Key AC are experienced in retro fitting technologically advanced air conditioning systems to existing and older buildings, adapting the solutions to the structure of the environment and to the specific needs of the client.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

TKAC work with all the major air conditioning manufacturers to provide the perfect air conditioning and heating system every time. Turn Key are acknowledged as a Mitsubishi Electric Business Solutions Partner, recognising our commitment to customer care, innovation, training and corporate responsibility.

Turn Key habitually incorporate the latest heat exchange technology in our air conditioning and heating systems. A recent project in a special needs school in the Midlands saw TKAC utilise Ecodan CAHV Air Source Heat Pumps to provide heating and hot water for the whole school. Air sourced heat pumps are classified as renewable technology by the EU and the UK Government for the simple reason that for every 1kW of energy consumed an average of 3.2kW of energy is produced. This leads to a marked reduction in the running costs and also in the school’s carbon footprint.

Offsite Manufacturing for Minimum Disruption

Turn Key Air Conditioning’s wealth of experience allows us to design and install air conditioning whatever the circumstance. We know that it is not always possible – or desirable – to stop day to day business activities so to minimise disruption TKAC have developed innovative design solutions. In some instances up to 80% of the manufacturing and installation process for new air conditioning systems are completed before we arrive at the client’s premises.

This was the case for the installation of a heat recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning system for the busy Premier Inn at London’s Kings Cross St Pancras. The external heat exchange and air conditioning units were manufactured off-site and lifted into position on the hotel roof one quiet Sunday morning without disturbing a single.

For this project, Turn Key Air Conditioning also incorporated Mitsubishi’s centralised Melcotel™ controller which has been specifically designed for the hotel sector. Sensors in the system detect when a room is occupied or empty and adjust the temperature to maximise efficiency. Keycard activation or on/off switches in every room allow guests to quickly alter the room temperature to their own requirements.

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Inspections

All air conditioning systems above 12kw have to be inspected every 5 years. Regular maintenance by TKAC ensures all legal responsibilities are fully met while optimising the energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of air conditioning systems.

Turn Key have maintenance centres all over the UK, including in Newcastle, Birmingham, London, Bristol, Cardiff, Bolton, Plymouth, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Limavady (Nortther Ireland), Jersey and the Isle of Man.

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