Distribution of Home Heating Oil, Red Diesel & Coal

Strangfords Fuels Ltd

Strangford FuelsStrangfords Fuels Ltd would like to sincerely thank Universal Heating Systems Limited, for the support they show us by featuring some information about our company, on their website. Strangfords are experienced, high-quality distributors of various fuels throughout County Down, Northern Ireland. We are a team of professionals, passionate about what we do and strive to deliver only the very best of service to our customers.

About The Strangfords Team

We are a family run business, who started out delivering coal way back in 1981. Originally based in Strangford, we expanded to delivering red diesel and home-heating oil nine years later in 1990. After great success and popularity in this particular region, Strangfords moved
their depot to a new, modern and state-of-the-art facility in Downpatrick, where we are still based to this day.

Over the years we have developed a vast number of fantastic fuel delivery vehicles for the very highest standard of fuel distribution – just waiting to send our quality fuels across Northern Ireland to both everyday homes and businesses. We pride ourselves on our incredible customer service – our team are all skilfully trained and dedicated, working hard to provide the service you want with the most professional and courteous manner. Thanks to the efficiency of Strangfords Fuel Ltd, we can not only provide excellent fuel distribution, but fuel distribution at a lower, more affordable price for our consumers. It means everything to us to deliver low-cost oil, diesel and coal to you swiftly, all with the most pleasant and professional manner.

Types of Fuel We Provide

Strangford FuelsVarious fuels are essential to the smooth function of many different buildings and environments. The fuels we provide are home-heating oils (also abbreviated to HHO), red diesel and coal. Home heating oils are as their name suggests. This is the most commonly used oil in the every day home throughout Northern Ireland. Being in such high-demand, and vital to keeping our homes habitable, the smooth and speedy delivery of oil is essential to everyday life in our area. Strangfords understand that keeping our homes safe and heated for ourselves and our families is so inexpressibly important. This is why we are so driven and always there for our consumers to give you home-heating oil when you need it most. Should your household run out of oil, we will always respond with criticality and promise to get to your home with absolute haste.

It isn’t just homes though that Strangfords Fuels Ltd delivers to, we also appreciate that many businesses require regular batches of red diesel to keep on running – usually in the fields of construction and agriculture. Red diesel is a specific type of fuel, often used for off-road, professional vehicles such as tractors and cranes. Strangfords regularly provide farms and fishing boats around Northern Ireland with high quality red diesel so that their companies can carry on functioning comfortably.

Strangfords and You

Strangfords Fuels Ltd will help you maintain the warmth and comfort you and your family deserve within your home, as well as keeping your company in an abundance of fuel to keep things running. Also, in 2007, we entered the cooker sales business, adding a spectacular gas cooker showroom to our facility in Downpatrick. As gas cookers are incredibly popular, we demonstrated our willingness to please once again by offering a wide array of cookers for you to choose from. We boast fantastic customer service which we guarantee will bring our customers the highest satisfaction. Allow Strangfords to oversee all of your fuel distribution needs.

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