Finlay Fuels – Heating Oil Service & Boiler Maintenance

Finlay Fuels are a long established distributor of heating oil for Belfast, Newcastle, Coleraine, Derry and the whole of Northern Ireland. Finlay Fuels are able to offer customers highly competitive prices for heating oil, for two prime reasons:

Bulk Buying Power for Heating Oil

Finlay Fuels is very well established heating oil distributor. Managing Director Graeme Finlay is the third generation of the family to drive this business and in this time a very large customer base has been developed. Says Graeme ‘Finlay Fuels values its position within the community. Our family business has its strong roots and its future interwoven with the families living here. We have served many families as customers through the generations, but we take nothing for granted – we are committed to ensuring every delivery of heating oil to every customer is competitively priced.’

Supplies Taken Direct from the Oil Terminal

Finlay Fuels loads its oil directly from the major oil terminals in Northern Ireland and delivers it direct to your oil storage tank. We do not haul the oil to a storage depot, then carry it out again for distribution. This saves us time and fuel cost, which we pass onto our customers through our prices.

Helping Customers To Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Finlay Fuels helps its customers to reduce their carbon footprint in two ways. Firstly, by taking fuel oil directly from the terminal to their heating oil tank, vehicle fuel (and its emissions) is saved. The second way that the company helps customers to reduce carbon footprint is by working with its associate boiler servicing business. A modern boiler, regularly services and set at optimum efficiency can save considerably on fuel used, and hence also on cost.

Boiler Installation, Servicing & Maintenance

We are able to arrange boiler servicing, maintenance and repair across a wide area from Ballygowan, including Belfast, South Antrim and North Down.

Benefits of our Boiler Servicing

After being serviced by one of our oil fired boiler engineers, your boiler will be set to the highest efficiency so that the oil burns cleaner. The boiler will then give the highest heat output, reaching its cut out temperature quickly and save on fuel usage and cost. This way customers reduce heating bills and minimise their carbon footprint.

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