Could UK Heat Pump Sales Double this Year?

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ASHP'sIt is becoming widely acknowledged that heat pump technology is the way to go for the future. This is particularly true because of government targets to reduce greenhouse gases, and provide clean energy. Heat pump manufacturers in the UK have collectively ordered over 67,000 units from suppliers so far this year.

This information was discovered thanks to a survey conducted by the Heat Pump Association. They asked their members [who represent 95% of the UK’s heat pump manufacturing sector] about their orders. They wanted to know about orders from 2019 to this year, and about their current stock levels. Both air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps were included in the gathered data. In 2019, 35,000 heat pumps of both types were sold.

Government targets demand 600,000 domestic heat pumps to be up and running in the UK by 2028. However, many feel that efforts have been somewhat lacking, prompting groups like the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) to be quite vocal. They warn that in order to meet set targets there must be a more effective supporting policy. They also believe that there should be more done to prepare, expand and upskill the installer base. The association recently published a report for businesses and individuals, which outlines a career route.

Phil Hurley, chair of the Heat Pump Association said; “The near doubling of the heat pump market this year would be a substantial achievement at a time when the decarbonisation of homes and buildings is not just desired but essential; our members are committed to turning today’s forecast into a reality and have clearly backed this up with their advanced ordering.” “This is just the beginning of a long journey ahead but we’re off to an incredibly promising start.”

A report published by UK Power Networks recently predicts that up to one million domestic air source heat pumps could be installed in the UK by 2030. 



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