Come Home to an Invigorating Electric Power Shower

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water-2mMost people enjoy an refreshing or relaxing shower at the start of the day, or after returning home from work. The sensation of a stream of warm water cascading onto the skin can be extremely pleasurable and even mood altering. The shower is used by all of the family on a regular basis, which is why modern showers are incredibly innovative, robust and designed to cover a range of practical needs and functions.

Electric showers are popular due to their power, reliability, energy efficiency and eco friendly features, they also satisfy the need for an aesthetically pleasing solution within the home. Around half of homes in the UK have electric showers including the mixer and digital versions. When considering bathroom refurbishment, or shower replacement you should think about the benefits of an electric power shower. One of which is the fact that electric showers produce hot water immediately at the press of a button, thanks to their inbuilt heating element. So you are able to have a shower at a minutes notice, without having to heat up water in advance. This means time and money is saved with this technology, which is always favourable. The convenience of being able to have a shower at any time of the day or night is a big plus for most people and the shower will only heat the amount of water required at the time.

Electric showers work independently of your home heating system and the great thing about that is if your boiler breaks down, or is turned off in warm weather, your hot water will still be available. Modern designs incorporate lots of time and hassle saving technology, dealing with issues like temperature variation, lime scale build up and unstable water pressure. Water saving technology is also a major advantage of electric shower design, giving an environmentally friendly solution, and reducing the homes carbon footprint, along with renewable energy systems such as Air Source Heat Pumps.

Once you have settled on your preferred electric shower make sure that your plumbing will present no problems. In addition you should ensure that a qualified electrician performs the installation, as high power electric elements need specialist connection. Turn Key Electrical are experts in a comprehensive range of electrical work nationwide, give them a call on 0191 438 7410

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