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home heating oilIt may surprise some that there are around 4 million homes in the UK that aren’t connected to the mains gas network. Approximately one million of these use home heating oil to power their central heating systems. Most have no choice, as they are off grid and live in rural settings, but even here the carbon footprint can be reduced. This can be accomplished by making sure their homes are as energy efficient as possible. The main difference between oil and gas is that whereas gas arrives at the home via a pipe, oil is delivered by truck. It is stored in an outside tank which is either owned or rented, and is attached to the boiler.

Oil-fired boilers work in more or less the same way as gas boilers, normally using kerosene or red diesel. In Northern Ireland companies like Finlay Fuels do a sterling job of keeping homes running smoothly with their range of fuel options. Oil-fired systems are similar to, if not a little better in efficiency than, gas systems. Regular servicing and maintenance helps of course and ensures a cleaner, more efficient result. Modern heating controls will also play a huge role in how well your system works. If you plan to get an oil-fired boiler installed, it’s advisable to use an OFTEC registered engineer, they are the leading ‘not for profit’ trade organisation for the heating and cooking industries in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Keeping an eye on your tank is important, as corrosion, cracks or damage causing leaks can be very expensive. It also pays to protect your tank from unwanted attention, using locks, alarms and maybe CCTV. You may want to include your tank with your home insurance for peace of mind.

The price of oil can fluctuate quite significantly due to factors like global production, weather, politics and recently the pandemic! In general people tend to stock up when prices are low, usually in the summer months when there is less demand. This can save hundreds per year, generally it’s cheaper to buy the largest amount you can. Some even club together with others in their local area to reduce the price even more. Ordering home heating oil online from Finlay Fuels couldn’t be easier.

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